Golden Mantella

The Golden Mantella (Mantella aurantiaca) is a species of frog native to Madagascar.

As suggested by the name, this frog has an aqua-green dorsal surface. The ventral surface is yellow in females, and lighter yellow in males. The inside of the thigh occasionally exhibits bright red coloring. These frogs are small, reaching a size of 1 inch in length.

There is no particular mating season. These specimens will mate after rainy periods and as long as enough food is readily available. The male will call from a elusive spot near the water. The call is a series of three clicks, repeated many times. Once breeding takes place, they move to a suitable area and lay the eggs on moist land near water. The tadpoles are washed into the water once hatched. The diet consists mainly of small invertebrates.

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Golden Mantella

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