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Swan Goose

The Swan Goose (Anser cygnoides) is a large goose found naturally in Mongolia and eastern Russia. Winters are mainly spent in south and east China where it is familiarly known as the Chinese Goose, where it has been domesticated for centuries. There are also introduced and feral populations of this species elsewhere.

Males and females are mostly similar with the exception of size; males are slightly larger than females. It has a long neck, long black bill, brown cap and pale underparts apart from some belly streaking; the upperparts are brown and the legs are orange. Juveniles are duller in color than adults. The voice is a loud honking.

The Swan Goose prefers to breed near marshes and other wetlands, laying 5-10 eggs in a ground nest.

It grazes on sedges, and rarely swims. It forms small flocks outside the breeding season.

Its population is declining due to hunting.

Swan Goose