Magellanic Plover

The Magellanic Plover (Pluvianellus socialis) is a rare and unique species of bird found only in southernmost South America. As its relationships to other plovers are uncertain, this bird is placed in its own family, Pluvianellidae. It is not migratory, but some populations move further north into southern Argentina in winter.

The upperparts and breast are pale gray, and the rest of the underparts are white. The legs are short and red, the bill is black and eyes are red. Young birds have eyes and legs that are yellowish in color. Its call is a dovelike coo.

This bird breeds near water. The female lays two large eggs on the ground. Usually only one chick survives. The diet of the Magellanic Plover consists of invertebrates, picked from the ground, or from under pebbles.

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Magellanic Plover

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