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Diamantinasaurus, meaning “˜Diamantina River lizard’, is a genus of titanosaurian dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period (late Albian age). It lived in Australia. Diamantinasaurus is known from a partial skeleton including a right shoulder blade, a sternum plate, forelimbs, most of the hind limbs, part of the hip, and some ribs. It was described by Scott Hocknull and his colleagues in 2009. The type species, D. matildae, is named in reference to the folk song “Waltzing Matilda”, written by Banjo Paterson, who lived near to where the dinosaur was discovered.

Diamantinasaurus was found about 37 miles northwest of Winton, Australia and was recovered from the lower part of the Winton Formation. The remains were found in clay between layers of sandstone. Also found in the layer was the specimen Australovenator and various other dinosaurs. Other fossils found include bivalves, fish, turtles, crocodiles, and various plant fossils.

Diamantinasaurus would have been a large quadrupedal herbivore about 52 feet in length.

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