The Himalayan is a breed of cat with blue eyes and extremely long, fluffy fur. They are also called Colorpoint Longhair or Colorpoint Persians, as they were bread from Siamese (for their markings or points) and Persians (for their coat length, stocky body type, and temperament). Their bodies are so similar to Persians that they are now considered the same breed as the modern Persian show cat for cat registries.

Its body is a white or cream color, but its points can be blue, brown, lilac, chocolate, flame, red, cream, tabby or tortoiseshell. The chocolate and lilac point Himalayans are the most difficult to produce, because the color traits are autosomal recessive, meaning both parents must possess the gene in order for the trait to pass down.

In order to keep a Himalayan’s long coat looking healthy, it needs to be brushed daily, otherwise it will mat and cause them pain. They are more prone to hairballs than other breeds. They also may need their faces wiped daily, depending on the cat. Some breeders even recommend baithing the cat to help reduce the amount of oil on the cat’s fur and skin.

Himalayans are intelligent, sweet-tempered, docile, social animals. They tend to be more active than ordinary Persians, and make wonderful companions.

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