Trigg Hound

The Trigg hound, also known as the Hayden Trigg Hound or the Trigg foxhound, is a domestic dog and a type of the American foxhound. Colonel Haiden C. Trigg developed the breed in the 1860s, when Trigg bred hounds from Maupin, Birdsong, and Walker to create a faster breed of hound for foxhunting.  The dog became very popular, despite its physical unattractiveness, but when Trigg passed away, that popularity died down. A small amount of fanciers and one man who purchased many of Trigg’s hounds stayed loyal to the breed.

The Trigg hound varies in size depending upon the sex, with males reaching an average height between twenty-three and twenty-four inches at the withers, while females reach an average height between twenty and twenty-two inches. It has long ears and a smooth coat of fur that can be any color. Although this dog was developed for hunting purposes, it makes an active pet. The Trigg hound is not recognized by any major organizations, but it is recognized by smaller clubs including the Continental Kennel Club.

Image Caption: “Ned”, one of the early dogs who contributed to the development of the Trigg Hound. Credit: Jk2q3jrklse/Wikipedia

Trigg Hound

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