Bukovina Sheepdog

The Bukovina Sheepdog is a rustic sheepdog which originated in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. Romanian Shepherds used the breed to guard and protect their herds. There are three types of Bukovina Sheepdog: the Mioritic, Carpatin, and Ciobănesc de Bucovina.

The body of the Bukovina is large and muscular with a large chest and a strong neck. It has a massive head and a wide skull with a well proportioned muzzle. The Bukovina Sheepdog has almond-shaped, slanted eyes which are usually chestnut colored. Its skin is thick, as is its coat. It has short hair on its head and the front of its legs, but elsewhere it stands from 2.5 to 3.5 inches long, The Bukovina also has a bushy tail. Its coat is white with gray, black or brindled patches.

The breed makes an excellent watchdog as well as shepherd. It has a very powerful bark, yet it is generally calm and balanced. It is, however, territorial, and when he feels threatened, the powerful bark emerges. The Bukovina Sheepdog tends to patrol around its home or its herd at night. It needs space to run and plenty of exercise to be happy.

Bukovina Sheepdog

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