The Puli is a Hungarian sheep dog which may have originated around 2000 years ago in Central Asia. It was brought by the Magyars to Hungary during the Middle Ages, and used by shepherds of the Hungarian plains for herding.

The Puli is a medium-sized breed which stands 16 to 17 inches tall and weighs around 23 to 25 pounds. Its distinguishing feature is its long, tightly curled, corded coat, which appears similar to dreadlocks. The coat is water-resistant, almost to the point of being waterproof. It can be black, gray, white, or cream colored, and the breed may have a black mask. It is generally either felt-like or rope-like, and needs to be actively groomed in order to stay clean and attractive.

The breed is intelligent and obedient, making it an excellent working breed. It is a loyal breed which cares greatly for its owner and protects them and their flocks. The breed is active and high-energy which is also excellent when it comes to its herding ability. It is focused and determined when completing a task. The Puli is a natural shepherd, but the breed still needs training early on, as it can be a difficult breed to train in adulthood due to its independent nature.

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