Livingston’s cichlid

Nimbochromis livingstonii, or Livingston’s cichlid, is a freshwater mouthbrooding cichlid fish of the genus Nimbochromis, native to Lake Malawi, an African Rift Lake. Individuals display peculiar behavior in the wild and in captivity, including a hunting method in which it lies motionless while resting on the lake or aquarium bottom. In captivity, the fish may live to exceed 10 years of age and attain a length of 8 inches or more. Juveniles display a brown and white spotted pattern. Adult males frequently “color up” in response to changing conditions and rapidly change from spotted camouflage to brilliant blues and greens and may even exhibit a pale golden tone. The dorsal fin may also show blue coloration while maintaining an orange to red band and sometimes a white line. The anal fin is usually orange to red. This species may coexist with mbuna or other haplochromines, but care must be taken to avoid predation.

Livingston8217s cichlid

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