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The whitespotted surgeonfish is found in shallow water around rocky shore lines and exposed reefs in the Indo-Pacific. It is native to Mauritius, southern Japan, Indonesia, and northern Australia, but in 2003 it was discovered off the coast of Palm Bea...

The truncate coralfish is specifically found in the coastal waters of Australia at depths up to 230 feet, around rocky reefs that have an abundance of algae. This fish is a species of butterfly fish that is also called the Eastern Talma.

The tomato clownfish is found in reef abundant lagoons, of the Western Pacific around Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, and Palau.

The tautog is found amongst rocks, bridge pillars, mussel beds, and other objects resting on the ocean floor close to the shore line of the western Atlantic from Nova Scotia to South Carolina. It is most abundantly found around Cape Cod, and in Delawar...

The ringneck blenny is found widespread in coastal waters of the Eastern Atlantic around Spain, Portugal, Mowe Bay, and Namibia, also found in the Mediterranean around Morocco and Algeria.

The black scabbardfish is native to the North Atlantic Ocean in deep water ranging from the Southern United States to Northern Africa, and heavily populated around Greenland and Iceland.

The pyramid butterflyfish is found in tropical waters in the Eastern Indian Ocean, Western Pacific, South-east Asia, Japan, Australia, around the Great Barrier Reef, and Hawaiian Islands.

The slender bamboo shark is a bottom dweller found in shallow coastal waters where the ocean floor is sandy or muddy, around bays, inlets, and coral reefs.

Sloane’s viperfish is found in all tropical and subtropical oceans, at depths of 1.5 miles or more. Occasionally this fish will migrate toward the surface at night where there is a more plentiful supply of food.

The smooth toadfish is found strictly along the eastern and southeastern coast of Australia from Queensland to Tasmania.

The streaked spinefoot is native to the Indo-Pacific, living around reefs in shallow brackish (salty) waters.

The barbeled houndshark is found off the western coast of Africa from Mauritania to northern Angola, occasionally found in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Chilean sea bass is the North American name for the Patagonian toothfish. The Chilean sea bass name derived in 1977 from Lee Lantz, a fish wholesaler looking for a more attractive name for the American fish market.

The twotone tang can also be referred to as the brown tang or the brush-tail tang. This species is native to the Indo-Pacific ranging from the east Africa coast to Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and the islands of Pitcaim and Lord Howe.

The pacific viperfish is native to a wide area of the North Pacific Ocean, found on the ocean floor as deep as 3 miles during the day and as shallow as 650 feet at night.

The white-spotted puffer is found around reefs, sea grass, tide pools, estuaries, and lagoons. In the South-East Atlantic Ocean, Indo-Pacific Ocean, Red Sea, Japan, Hawaiian Islands, and also off the southern coast of California.

This harmless shark is native to the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Indonesia, it is also found in coastal waters from Japan to India.

Native to the Tombigbee, Tennessee, Mississippi and Pearl Rivers, the barfish is also found in smaller rivers, pools, basins, ponds, and lakes, from Lake Michigan to the Gulf of Mexico in central areas of the U.S.

The yellow-and-black triplefin is found in the Southwest Pacific north of New Zealand. Sheltering itself on the ocean floor, it hides in sponge growths where large crevices of overhangs and boulders can be found, usually at depths between 50 - 150 feet.

The yellowfin tuna is found in deep off-shore water distributed worldwide in both tropical and subtropical oceans, ranging to depths of 330 ft.