The silver arowana is native to South America in the Amazon, Rupununi, and Oyapock rivers.

The African arowana is native to the African region of Sahelo-Sudanese, Senegal, Gambia, also in the basins of Corubal, Volta, Oueme, Niger, Benoue, and Nile rivers, Lake Chad and Lake Turkana.

During the day Hawaiian flagtail (locally known as Aholehole) huddle in schools around the top of reefs and along drop-offs where turbulent water creates bubbles hiding them from predators in and around the Hawaiian Islands.

Largescale archerfish are found in bodies of water with a temperature range of 77 - 86 degrees. This fish is mostly located in India, Burma, Indonesia, New Guinea, and Northern Australia.

The Smallscale Archerfish lives in large rivers throughout Asia and the Indo-Pacific. This is a freshwater fish and does not travel into salt water. It can survive in moving or standing water, near the shore with overhanging vegetation.

Air breathing catfish or clariids are all fresh water fish found mainly in Africa, but also can be found in Syria, southern Turkey, and Southeast Asia. There are 14 different groups

West African Lungfish thrive in fresh water in the West African countries of Senegal, Niger, Gambia, Volta and Chad basins, where the water temp ranges from 77 to 86 degrees.

The marbled lungfish is found mainly in the Nile river, in the northeastern continent of Africa. It also is found in such lakes as the Albert, Edward, Tanganyika, Victoria, Nabugabo, No and Kyoga, all centrally located in Africa at the southern end of ...

The Koran angelfish is better known as the semicircle angelfish (pomacanthus semicirulatus). This fish is mainly found in the Indo-Pacific region from the east coast of Africa to the east coast of Fiji and Japan, and from the east coast of Australi...

The blobfish (Psychrolutes marcidus) is a deep sea fish that remains out of sight of humans in the deep waters off the coast of Australia and Tasmania.

The black sea bass or the Centropristis striata is a saltwater grouper fish found more commonly in the northern ranges than in the southern ranges.

The black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus) is one of the most sought after fish in China.

The barbeled houndshark (Leptocharias smithii) is a species of a bottom dwelling shark and is the sole member of the family Leptochariidae.

Amphiprion nigripes, also known as the Blackfinned anemonefish or Maldives anemonefish, is a clown fish that is found in the coral reefs of the Maldive Islands and Sri Lanka in the Western Indian Ocean.

The sawfish is the common name for a family of rays, called Pristidae, containing seven species within two genera.

Medaka (Oryzias latipes), also known as the Japanese killifish, is a species of ricefish and the only member of the Oryziinae subfamily.

The Black-nosed Butterflyfish (Johnrandallia nigrirostris), also known as the Barberfish, the Barber, or Butterfly Barber, is a species of fish in the Chaetodontidae family of butterfly fishes.

The Blackfin Tuna (Thunnus atlanticus) is a species of tuna found only in the western Atlantic Ocean from Cape Cod to Brazil.

The bank Butterflyfish (Chaetodon aya) is a species of butterflyfish found in tropical Atlantic waters.

The Australian Grayling (Prototroctes maraena) is a freshwater fish found in coastal rivers in Tasmania and southeastern Australia.