When meteorologists are forecasting for ocean-going vessels, there are a few terms that we need to understand.

Surface Dew-points can play a huge role in weather forecasting.

Air mass thunderstorms are found in marine time tropical air. In short they are also known as MT Thunderstorms.

In this lesson we are going to take a look at super-cell thunderstorms and what they mean and how they impact our daily lives.

Orographic thunderstorms are formed when the air is pushed up a mountain side. This type of thunderstorm is found only on the windward side of a mountain range. In the United States we would find these types of thunderstorms on the western slopes of th...

Solar cycles are made up of what is known as solar minimums (min) and also solar maximums (max). We refer to a solar min at the time when the sun is not active with many sunspots, while a solar max is just the opposite when we see a large increase in s...

Growing Degree days are another huge part of our lives even though we may not deal with them directly.

If you live in or around Billings, Montana the above graph shows you what you can roughly expect when it comes to heating and cooling your house during the ENSO Phases.

November 2012: The area is going to see a warm start to the month as temps will average in the 60-70F range with a few days rising into the 80’s and also a few days in the 50’s possible.

ENSO has an impact on the severe weather across the United States.

The Canadian High pressure center shifts into the United States throughout the year and has a major impact on the weather from season to season.

An island off the coast of Georgia hit a high temp of 75F, which is good enough to break their previous record. A second record setting temperature was recorded in Southern Texas as the temp hit 78F in the region.

Knowing some of these features can really help not only meteorologists forecasting the weather but also help fisherman plan where to go fishing. Also, any ocean surveillance that may be taking place can be assessed based of the chart above along with o...

November 2012: A mild month in store with the chance of seeing a significant storm, however overall should be mild with the average forecasted temps to be around the 50-60F range.

November 2012: A warm month will start for the region, followed by a mid-month run into old man winter.

November 2012: A mild start to the month is forecasted and then a quick mid-month cold burst is possible.

November 2012: The month will start out warm, however rapidly decreasing conditions are forecasted for the remainder of the month with average temps around 30-40F, with the potential of seeing 4-6 days warmer and also 4-6 days colder.

November 2012: A mild start to the month will be followed up by a vigorous finish as temps rapidly slide.

The Pacific Northwest low moves on shore typically in or around the Portland and Seattle area.