September 5: The southwest was encompassed in the monsoon rains yesterday bringing areas of flash flooding to portions of Arizona.

Today on Weather Pack we are going to examine the surface wind around a mature low pressure system, which means that the low pressure has an occluded front associated with it.

A look at the temps from the 4th show that another colder pocket of air is moving into the region.

When it comes to wind, more and more people are turning to it as alternative option for electricity.

Looking at today’s 300mb level chart or 30,000ft above the surface we see that we are looking at our jet stream analysis.

The above map looks at what is known as ceilings.

Brunswick Maine, located in the Northeastern part of the United States, has a wide array of weather patterns from colder winters and mild summers due to the Atlantic Ocean impacts.

Honolulu is located in the Pacific Ocean and has a mostly marine time climate.

The above image looks at the month of March for the three cycles known as Normal Phase, El-Nino, and La-Nina.

Growing Degree days are another huge part of our lives even though we may not deal with them directly.

The area in red in the above image has been experiencing winter weather which is quite rare to the region; also at this time many places are still seeing rain and snow.

Four major events occurred yesterday, the first being the formation of Tropical Storm Ernesto, which is now located just east of the Windward Islands with winds near 45 knots. The second was the heat in the Southern Plains as many places saw temps o...

Weather Pack is our way to envision what is happening with the weather and create a weather forecast for a certain area of the United States.

The Peru Current flows from South to North along the western side of South America.

The Japanese Alps are a major weather component and dictate a lot of weather patterns in Japan.

Three big weather events from this past weekend included the heat wave and also the severe weather that struck.

The map above shows our dew-point temperatures which is an important temp when it comes to weather.

Coastal Upwelling- this is defined as the moving of water from the deeper oceans upwards to the surface of the ocean very commonly found along our cold ocean currents, which are found along the West Coast of the United States and off the Peru coast.

Being a meteorologist for over thirteen years you start to take note of many things in the atmosphere and how they repeat themselves.

The above image looks at the month of March for the three cycles known as Normal Phase, El-Nino, and La-Nina.