The above map identifies the visibility throughout the United States.

Warm Eddy- is an area of water that is made up of warm water and is surrounded by areas of colder water.

Tropical Storm Aletta was the first storm of the Eastern Pacific Season and it formed on May 14 off the coast of Central America.

The Great lakes have a huge impact in the weather for the cities that are near the lakes.

If you live Honolulu Hawaii or the surrounding low elevation area’s this is what you can roughly expect to see with impacts of the three features below when it comes to your heating and cooling budget.

Honolulu, located in the Pacific Ocean, has a mostly marine time climate and has a pretty consistent temperature average from month to month.

Debbie formed in the warm waters of the Southeast Gulf and slowly moved northward.

The above cloud is known as a towering cumulus cloud or TCU for short.

There are many types of air present in our atmosphere.

Fallon Nevada is located on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountain chain which has a huge impact in the type of weather in the region and is more of an arid type pattern.

Located in the white circle is the Black Hills.

The California current flows along the West Coast of the United States and is classified as a cold ocean current.

Tropical Storm Debbie on a surface chart.

Evaluating one way of how clouds can form.

Warm Air Advection: this is defined by the process of warm air flowing northward towards the colder air replacing it with warmer air.

Taking a look at Austin and within 50miles of the local area we can see the impacts that different phases of weather have on the tornado statistics of the region.

Upper Air analysis is another important part of being a meteorologist and understanding how to read these maps is very important to our daily job.

It is very important to understand what you are looking at when working with weather maps.

Typhoon Sanvu formed to the Southeast of Guam on May 21, 2012 and began to make its track to the North.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains located along the Eastern portion of California and the Western Portion of Nevada have a huge impact on the weather in this region.