Hypnum cupressiforme, also known as Hypnum moss, is a widespread and common moss species belonging to the genus Hypnum. The origin of its name is derived from the Ancient Greek word "hypnos," which means sleep. Interestingly, the moss was once used as ...

Dawsonia is a classification of mosses. This genus is a member of the Polytrichaceae family. Dawsonia plants are commonly known to grow taller and have thicker leaves than other common mosses.

Buxbaumia is commonly known as bug moss, or elf-cap moss. It is a genus of moss with twelve known species. It was named after Johann Christian Buxbaum, a German botanist and physician who made the discovery in 1712.

Reindeer moss is a moss belonging to the family Cladoniaceae. It grows in both temperate and cold climate areas.