Banksia brownii is a shrub species.

Banksia acanthopoda is a species of shrub from the genus Banksia.

Alloxylon pinnatum is a tree species.

Alloxylon flammeum is a tree species.

Adenanthos x cunninghamii is a hybrid shrub species.

Adenanthos cygnorum is a tall shrub species.

Opisthiolepis is a genus of large tree species.

Lomatia tasmanica is commonly referred to as King's Lomatia.

Lomatia silaifolia is a shrub species.

Lomatia myricoides grows as a shrub in southeastern Australia.

Lomatia ferruginea is commonly referred to as Fuinque.

Hakea victoria is a shrub species.

Hakea teretifolia is a shrub species.

Hakea macraeana is a shrub species endemic to eastern Australia.

Hakea lorea is a small tree or shrub species.

Hakea laurina is a shrub species that may also be thought of as a small tree species.

Hakea gibbosa is a shrub species.

Grevillea barklyana is a tree from the Proteaceae family native to Australia.

Grevillea banksii is a small shrub species from the Proteaceae family.

Grevillea aquifolium is a shrub or scrambling plant.