Shuttle Details
Visit the STS-107 Investigation Reference page . Shuttle Basics
Learn about the various components that make up the space shuttle.

Space Shuttle Reference Manual This technical guide provides in-depth information of the Shuttle program.

Space Shuttle Annual Reports
* 2001 Annual Report (PDF file 6.2 Mb)
* 2000 Annual Report (PDF file 3.7 Mb)
* 1999 Annual Report (PDF file 3.6 Mb)

Shuttle Statistics
Excerpts of the flight data book are provided in PDF format Shuttle Operational Data Book
Vehicle schematics are provided in PDF format Links to Related Sites
A list of informative NASA and Shuttle related websites

Shuttle Reference

The graphic above depicts the Space Shuttle coordinate system and both front and rear views of the orbiter.

General Information
How to be an Astronaut
Instructions, applications and more… Working for NASA

Discover, innovate, invent… Frequently Asked Questions
A compilation of responses to Ask the Crew and Ask MCC. NASA Acronym List
A searchable list of commonly used acronyms.

Fact Sheet Library
A PDF document library of many of the topics from this website. Mission Control Center

Flight Controller positions at JSC Mission Control Center. Walking to Olympus: An EVA Chronology . An online PDF (3.5M) chronicle of EVAs conducted since the dawn of the space age.

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