Edward T. Lu on the ISS
Astronaut Edward T. Lu, Expedition Seven NASA ISS science officer and flight engineer, floats in the Zvezda Service Module on the International Space Station (ISS).
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Living In Space

Space Food Space Food
What’s Cookin’?
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Space Wear Space Wear
Time to Get Dressed!
Doing Laundry Space Suits
Eating and Drinking: How do you cook, prepare and store food in space?
Hygiene: How do you take a shower and use the restroom in space? (Microbes)
Space Water: Where do astronauts in space get water?
Space Breathing: How do astronauts breathe in space?
Space Training: Preparing for a mission is a lot of hard work for astronauts and their trainers. (fact sheet)
Space Sleep: What is it like to sleep on the shuttle and on the International Space Station? (more)
Virtual Astronaut: An interactive, 3-D suite of instructional materials that demonstrate the activities of astronauts on board the International Space Station, including NASA?s scientific research.
Wheels in the Sky: The pioneering space station concepts of the mid-1950’s don’t look much like the erector-set habitat in orbit today.
* Ask the Crew/MCC Questions
* Classroom of the Future
* Cool Sites for Kids
* Eating Right in Space
* ISS Sighting Opportunities
* NASA Educational TV
* Science at NASA
* Space Biology
* Teaching Materials
* Shoes, Shirts & Pants
Construction: How many astronauts does it take to build a space station? Hint: More than it takes to change a light bulb!
Talking to friends and family: Astronauts use ham radio and private channels to talk to Mission Control, and a Softphone to call directly home!
Space Work Space Work
It’s Always Tool Time!
Experiments Housekeeping
Space Fun Space Fun
This is Cool Stuff!
Working Out Kid Stuff

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