The International Space Station
This is an artist’s rendition of the International Space Station after completion.
Learn more about the ISS through the reference materials listed below.

International Space Station Reference

International Partners
The ISS draws on the resources and scientific expertise of 16 nations.
ISS Payload Information Source
A Web site that provides a wealth of information on the capabilities and processes for performing research onboard the International Space Station.
ISS Core Program Chart (159 Kb PDF)
This chart illustrates the elements that will comprise the station’s core program.
Ham Radio
Astronauts, cosmonauts and mission specialists on the International Space Station will have amateur radio as a constant companion.
ISS Sampler CD Support
This site provides user support for the “Realizing the Dream: An International Space Station Sampler” CD.
International Space Station Operations Architecture Study (1 Mb PDF)
This study looks at the long-term utilization and operation of the International Space Station.
Walking to Olympus: An EVA Chronology
An online PDF (3.5Mb) chronicle of EVAs conducted since the dawn of the space age.
The Metric Converter
A handy calculator for converting volume, length, and weight.
Station Acronyms
A searchable ISS acronym list.
Fact Sheet Library
A PDF document library of many of the topics from this website.
Frequently Asked Questions
The frequently asked questions from our e-mail and sign-in page.
Station Science Experiments
This page contains links to information about various experiments conducted on the ISS.


IMAGE: Blue Flight Control Room Interactive
ISS Flight Control Room - Clicking this link opens a new window.
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