Strait of Gibraltar Spain
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Strait of Gibraltar, Spain

January 17, 2006
This ENVISAT radar image shows the Strait of Gibraltar where sea exposed to a strong easterly wind is shown in bright blue. Darker areas are sheltered by the mountain ranges in Spain and Morocco, and thus subjected to lighter winds. Large wave patterns between the two areas are associated with varying wind speed at sea surface and are caused by atmospheric waves which have formed behind the mountain ranges of the Moroccan peninsula. Such information is useful to understand the climatology in this region where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean and strong currents and winds are common. On land, this high-resolution image shows a detailed topographic profile, provides information on vegetation, and shows the harbors of Cadiz and Gibraltar, and the runway of the airport of Gibraltar. HL/WS (10/07/2002) False color by CNES

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Envisat
  • Instrument: ASAR
  • Acquisition: 20-May-2002
  • Orbit nr: 01150
  • Center coordinates: lat. 35.75, lon. -5.55

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