Seville Spain
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Seville, Spain

January 17, 2006
Twenty years separate these two Landsat thematic mapper images of the city of Seville, Spain. They clearly highlight the urbanization that the city underwent during the 1980s by allowing a comparison between the 2004 image on the right and the 1984 image on the left.

During this period, the expansion of the city included the development of the Isla de la Cartuja, west of the center of the city, which hosted the Universal Exposition in 1992 and whose buildings are still widely used today. One of these buildings is the 70,000-seater Cartuja Olympic stadium to the north of the island which is visible as a white, square structure.

The 2004 image also shows the bridges that were constructed at the time of the Exposition in 1992. The Alamillo and the Quinto Centernario bridges join the Isla de la Cartuja to the city center.

The images also trace the urbanization of the areas to the northeast, where urban development in the areas of Parque Alcosa, Torreblanca de los Caqos and Urbanizacion Montequintos can be seen creeping towards the airport of San Pablo and to the far west of the city, in the areas of Tomares, Bormujos and Castilleja de La Cuesta.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Landsat
  • Instrument: Thematic Mapper
  • Acquisition: 19-Apr-1984
  • Center coordinates: lat. 37.39, lon. -6.00

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