Seville Spain
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Seville, Spain

January 17, 2006
In 2004, the city of Seville is currently home to over 700,000 people. Urbanization has given birth to suburbs in the northeast and west and new roads and bridges have been built to connect the outskirts to the city center.

The structures built for the Universal Exposition of 1992 are now visible on the Isla de la Cartuja, west of the city's center. Most of these structures are still used today and one of these buildings is the 70,000 seater Estadio Olimpico de la Cartuja to the north of the island which is visible as a white, square structure.

The newly-built, ultramodern Alamillo and Quinto Centenario bridges now join the Isla de la Cartuja to the city center.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Landsat
  • Instrument: Thematic Mapper
  • Acquisition: 26-Apr-2004
  • Center coordinates: lat. 37.39, lon. -6.00

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