Sahara Desert  Canary Islands Visible
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Sahara Desert & Canary Islands (Visible)

January 17, 2006
SAHARA desert & Canary Islands. This ATSR-2 image was acquired on 21 August 1996 around 11:45 UTC. It is a nadir view color composite combining 2 visible channels and one near infra-red channel (1.6, 0.87, 0.65 micrometer). The image was made by using two standard GBT (Gridded Brightness Temperature) products at 1km resolution. The North West African Coast (Tarafaya) with the Sahara desert and the Canary Islands are visible. The 3 channels combination highlights the different kinds of geological structures and allows the observation of different types of clouds.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: ERS
  • Instrument: ATSR
  • Acquisition: 21-Aug-1996
  • Orbit nr: 6991
  • Center coordinates: lat. 26.12, lon. -14.44

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