Persian Gulf
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Persian Gulf

January 17, 2006
This MEdium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) image centers over the Arabian Gulf. In the south eastern corner of the image we can see Qatar occupying the peninsula to which it gives it name. The darker blue area on the eastern coast is the country's capital, Doha, with a population of just less the 400,000 representing about half of the state's overall population. The Islands off the west of Qatar is the Kingdom of Bahrain. The largest island which is clearly visible is also called Bahrain and situated on it is the capital Manama. On the mainland to the west of Bahrain is Saudi Arabia. The colored area in the desert is the city of Al Hufuf situated in the largest oasis in the country. Zooming in on the square red area north of the oasis we can see individual structures; these are likely to be related to the extensive oil drilling in the area. At the top of we can see the point where the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers flow into the gulf. To the west of this basin is Kuwait, to the north Iraq and east, Iran. Kuwait's capital, Kuwait City, can be seen on the coast at the top of the gulf. We can also see the contrasting landscapes between the desert of Saudi Arabia and the Zagros Mountains of Southern Iran. Situated in the mountains is the city of Shiraz, home to over 1 million people. One of the chief products of the city is Shiraz wine, which has been produced for centuries.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Envisat
  • Instrument: MERIS
  • Acquisition: 18-Oct-2004
  • Orbit nr: 13773
  • Center coordinates: lat. 27.47, lon. 50.31

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