Paris France
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Paris, France

January 17, 2006
This is a Landsat thematic mapper image of Paris, France, in 1984.

Paris, known as the City of Light (la Ville Lumière), is built on an arc of the River Seine and is divided into two parts: the Right Bank to the north and the Left Bank to the south.

Paris was occupied by a Gallic tribe until 52 BC. The invaders referred to the former occupants as the Parisii, but called their new city Lutetia, meaning "marshy place". About fifty years later the city had been renamed "Paris".

In the image, one can see the River Seine winding its way through the center of the images. The grey and purple pixels denote the urban area. The heart of the city appears greyer than the suburbs. The patchwork of green, brown, tan and yellow surrounding the city is farmland.

To the south of the city, the large bright area is Orly Airport and, at the top of the image, you can see a bright area which is the Charles de Gaulle International Airport in nearby Roissy-en-France.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Landsat
  • Instrument: Thematic Mapper
  • Acquisition: 17-Jun-1984
  • Center coordinates: lat. 48.86, lon. 2.32

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