Mount Vesuvius Italy
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Mount Vesuvius, Italy

January 18, 2006
This ASAR IMP image, about 105 km wide, shows an area centered over Naples.

The world wide famous Vesuvius volcano is clearly visible in the lower center part of the image with the coast line along the Tyrrhenian sea. The city of Naples (bright area on the coast) stretches from the foot of the volcano to the sea in the northwest direction with, on the left hand side of the city, the islands of Procida and Ischia. The island located on the lower part of the image is Capri. Facing Capri, the mountain chain composed of the world famous Amalfi coast (south face) and Sorrento gulf (north face). The tone variation within the sea indicates change in surface wind speed. Bright tones indicate high wind speeds which increase the sea surface roughness, producing stronger backscatter energy towards the antenna. On the other hand, low wind speed conditions create smooth surfaces which reflect away the signal from the antenna, producing dark areas over the sea. Due to the side looking geometry of the radar, relief is distorted by the so-called effects of foreshortening and layover. The flanks of the mountains facing the antenna are shortened (bright lines on the top of the mountains) with respect to the flanks facing away the sensor that seem to lie toward the antenna.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Envisat
  • Instrument: ASAR
  • Acquisition: 13-Nov-2002
  • Orbit nr: 03690
  • Center coordinates: lat. 41.08, lon. 14.00

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