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Middle East

January 18, 2006
Mideast ATSR-2 image acquired on 4th July 1996 over Middle-East area around 8:30 am utc. This image is a nadir view color composite combining 2 visible channel and one near infra-red channel (1.6, 0.87, 0.65 micrometer). The image has been made using two standard GBT (Gridded Brightness Temperature) products at 1km resolution.

The image spans from Turkey (top) to Mt. Sinai (bottom) showing a part of Cyprus Island (upper left edge), Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Yemen and Egypt. The Suez channel and the Dead Sea are also visible.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: ERS
  • Instrument: ATSR
  • Acquisition: 04-Jul-1996
  • Orbit nr: 6302
  • Center coordinates: lat. 33.12, lon. 34.47

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