Madrid Spain
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Madrid, Spain

January 18, 2006
This Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) multitemporal color composite image shows an area covering the city of Madrid, which appears as a large bright area in the left part of the image. The image is composed of three ASAR IMP images acquired on different dates and assigning a color (RGB) to each date (Red: 02 May 2003 - Green: 06 June 2003 - Blue: 15 August 2003). Madrid is situated on a plateau of 656 meters above sea level, making it the highest capital city in Europe. This vast plateau that covers most of Spain is divided by the Sistema Central mountain range in the north, a part of which (Guadarrama mountains) is seen in the top left part of the image. Several river valleys full of fertile farmlands on their banks are clearly seen in the image in different colors depending on the kind of crop and their temporal evolution (from May to August). These rivers are the Manzanares crossing the city of Madrid from northwest to southeast, the Jarama river flowing from north to south over the east of Madrid. Flowing from northeast to southwest are in order the Henares, Tajua and Tajo rivers. The city of Aranjuez, famous for its crops of strawberry and asparagus, is visible on the banks of the Tagus (Tajo), the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula, at the confluence of its tributary, the Jarama river. In the upper right part of the image, the great dams of Entrepeas (in the north) and Buenda (in the south) built for the water transfer to the Mediterranean coast, are visible in an intense red color due to the strong wind the day the image assigned to the red channel was acquired. The other colors show the different reservoir capacity when the three images were acquired (lower in August). Visible landmarks are the international Barajas Airport (in the northeast of Madrid), the Torrejn de Ardoz (to the east of Barajas), Getafe (in the southern outskirts of the city) and Cuatro Vientos (in the southwest) Air Bases. A bright point scatterer can be seen in the image over this last air base, probably corresponding to some airport infrastructure. The most emblematic park of Madrid, the Parque del Retiro (next to the Prado National Museum) appears as a dark patch in the heart of the city. To its west, the wide dark area seen in the image is the Madrid's lung or Casa de Campo.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Envisat
  • Instrument: ASAR
  • Acquisition: 15-Aug-2003
  • Orbit nr: 07620
  • Center coordinates: lat. 40.26, lon. -3.14

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