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January 19, 2006
This Medium Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) Image is of the American State of Florida. To the south of the state the dark colored Florida Everglades stand in contrast to the lighter shades of the city of Miami to the south-east. The area between the Everglades and Lake Okeechobee is rich farmland. In the image we can see this as a green and brown patchwork caused by numerous farmed fields. Okeechobee itself is America's third largest freshwater lake. Further north we can also see the cities of Tampa and Orlando. The light shades of green off the coast of particularly the west of the state is caused by sedimentation, this is particularly evident off the coast of the Everglades where there is increased run-off.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Envisat
  • Instrument: MERIS
  • Acquisition: 20-Dec-2004
  • Orbit nr: 14680
  • Center coordinates: lat. 27.67, lon. -81.31

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