Dzerzhinsk Russia
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Dzerzhinsk, Russia

January 19, 2006
This ASAR color-composite image shows an area around the Russian city of Dzerzhinsk, 300 km East of Moscow. The red channel contains the VV polarized image, the green channel contains the HH polarized image and the blue channel contains the magnitude of the difference between the amplitudes in VV and HH. Visible in the North is the lower part of the Gorkovskoye Reservoir, formed by a dam across the Volga, Europe's longest river. The river in the South is a Volga tributary, the Oka River. Urban areas are generally visible in bright yellow tones, indicating equally high backscatter in VV and HH polarization. The green-yellow color that dominates the image results from the extensive forests in this region (medium backscatter in VV and HH). Agricultural land in the river plains to the East and South appears in magenta and purple shades (VV backscatter dominates). A number of small river systems, probably frozen, are highlighted in cyan (dominant HH backscatter).

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Envisat
  • Instrument: ASAR
  • Acquisition: 08-Apr-2002
  • Orbit nr: 00554
  • Center coordinates: lat. 56.50, lon. 43.00

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