Corsica and Sardinia
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Corsica and Sardinia

January 19, 2006
The simultaneous observation of Corsica and Sardinia by ASAR and MERIS demonstrates the potential of combining the data from the two very different instruments for understanding complex Earth processes. The images were acquired over a small low-pressure front between Corsica and the Italian peninsula. The center of the depression shows up as a dark area in the ASAR image due to the low wind speeds at the system's center and the corresponding reduction in sea surface roughness. This is confirmed by the MERIS image that shows the depression's cloud pattern. By combining the two datasets for a given region, small-scale processes that could not be properly interpreted by data from a single sensor can be properly analyzed by incorporating the data from a second instrument. The spatial resolution and constraints on observing conditions applicable to MERIS, for instance, can limit the capability of the instrument to systematically register the full range of oceanographic processes in a given area. At the same time, the imaging capabilities of the ASAR may require the availability of supporting data to ensure correct interpretation of all phenomena observed.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Envisat
  • Instrument: MERIS
  • Acquisition: 26-Jun-2002
  • Orbit nr: 01679
  • Center coordinates: lat. 41.00, lon. 11.00

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