Bucharest Romania
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Bucharest, Romania

January 20, 2006
This is a Landsat thematic mapper image of Bucharest, Romania, in 1984.

Bucharest is the capital city and industrial and commercial center of Romania. It is located in the southeast of the country, on the Dâmboviþa river.

The population greatly increased in the last two centuries with Bucharest growing importance, partially due to urbanization of Romanians, who, until the 19th century were mostly farmers, predominantly living in rural areas. Today, about 9% of the population of Romania lives in Bucharest.

Although it accounts for around 9% of Romania's population, Bucharest produces around 21% of the country's GDP and about a quarter of the industrial production.

The city also comprises the largest transport network in Romania, and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Landsat
  • Instrument: Thematic Mapper
  • Acquisition: 03-Jul-1984
  • Center coordinates: lat. 44.43, lon. 26.12

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