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Alps Chain, Italy

January 20, 2006
This image shows an area, 105 km swath, centered over the Alps Chain, acquired by ASAR onboard ENVISAT`s satellite on November the 6th.

On both side of the Alps, part of Switzerland (North) and Italy (south) are visible. The city of Zurich (white zone in the upper right part of the image, close to Zurich Lake) and Turin (white area in the center lower part of the image) are easily detectable.

Lakes (under slight wind condition) are similar to mirror for radar signal, reflecting specularly the signal in a different direction of the radar antenna. This absence of signal backscattered produces black area in the ASAR image.

The bright lines visible over the Alps result from the slopes of the mountains that face the incoming beam of the radar, producing stronger backscatter energy towards the antenna. On the contrary, the slopes opposite to the incoming beam produce weak backscatter energy, resulting as dark areas.

ASAR in Image Mode will generate high spatial resolution products, ranging from 9m in single look complex to 150m in Medium resolution. ASAR in image mode precision is similar to the ERS SAR images, with a 30-meter spatial resolution and swath coverage of up to 100 km. New flexible swath positioning will allow imaging of seven different swath (IS1 to IS7, i.e. from 104.8 to 56.5 swath width), located over a range of incidence angles from 15 to 45 , with HH or VV polarization. The ASAR Image Mode Medium resolution (ASAR IMM) is particularly aimed at sea ice and oceanography application.

Technical Information:
  • Satellite: Envisat
  • Instrument: ASAR
  • Acquisition: 06-Nov-2002
  • Orbit nr: 03583
  • Center coordinates: lat. 46.25, lon. 8.37

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