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May 15, 2006

This image of Scotland was acquired May 5, 2006 by the MODIS on the Aqua satellite. Scotland occupies the northern part of Great Britain and is about two-thirds the size of England and Wales.

The river Tweed and the Cheviot Hills form Scotland's southern border. Scotland is a small country, only 274 miles long, but the coastline is so jagged that it actually adds up to 2000 miles!

Scotland has three main land regions. They are, from north to south, the Highlands, the Central Lowlands, and the Southern Uplands.

In this image, the West Highlands are in the top left, along with several lochs, or lakes, looking like dark cracks in the mountains. The largest of these is Loch Lomond, which is just north of the city of Glasgow.

Glasgow is spread across the center of this image and appears gray in color. The city of Edinburgh is not far east of Glasgow, just off this image.

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