Italy and France
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Italy and France

July 1, 2006

This MODIS Terra image provides a nice view of Northern Italy, France, and part of Switzerland.

In the east is Northern Italy. In the lower right hand corner of the image are the islands of Corsica and the tip of Sardinia. East of Corsica is the small island of Elba, where Napolean was exiled. Directly north of Corsica, on the mainland of Italy is the city of Genoa.

North of Genoa, the city of Milan is spread out in a greyish mass. It sits south of the Lake Region of Italy, at the foot of the Alps. Switzerland lies just over the Alps to the North. Lake Geneva is visible as an upsidedown crescent shape near the top center of the image.

The French border runs south to the Mediterranean, along the western side of the Alps, down to Nice, and the principality of Monaco, just a bit northwest of Corsica. The red dot represents the location of an active fire. The fire appears to be west of the city of Marseille. The body of water there is the Gulf of Lion.

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