Kyushu  Shikoku Islands
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Kyushu & Shikoku Islands

August 26, 2006

The Japanese islands of Kyushu and Shikoku are feature in this MODIS, Terra image, captured May 24, 2006. Shikoku is the smallest and least populous of the four main islands of Japan.

Mountains running east and west divide Shikoku into two regions - the narrow northern subregion, which fronts the Inland Sea, and a southern part facing the Pacific Ocean. Most of the inhabitants live in the north, and all but one of the island's few larger cites are located there. Wide alluvial areas used for agriculture are found in the eastern part of this northern subregion. The southern part of Shikoku is mountainous and sparsely populated.

Kyushu, the third largest island of Japan, is mountainous, and is home to Japan's tallest active volcano, Mt Aso. There are many other signs of tectonic activity, including numerous areas of hot springs.

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