Left Eye for Stereo Pair of Spirits Thanksgiving Panorama
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Left Eye for Stereo Pair of Spirit's 'Thanksgiving' Panorama

September 14, 2006
NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit used its panoramic camera (Pancam) to record a 360-degree vista, dubbed the "Thanksgiving" panorama, from the northwestern side of "Husband Hill" in late 2004. This view is the left-eye member of a stereo pair for creating three-dimensional versions of the Thanksgiving panorama.

The images combined into this mosaic were taken through the Pancam's infrared L2 filter during Spirit's 318th through 325th Martian days (Nov. 24 through Dec. 2, 2004). Geometric and brightness adjustments have been applied. The view is presented in a cylindrical-perspective projection with rover tilt removed.

For additional information about the Thanksgiving panorama, see http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA07334 .

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