Wildfires in Canada
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Wildfires in Canada

September 21, 2006

This image of Canada was acquired by the MODIS on the Aqua satellite on September 10, 2006. Shown in the image are the Canadian provinces of Nunavut (top), and Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario (bottom, left to right).

In the upper right hand corner of the image is the Hudson Bay. Manitoba contains several large lakes, including Lake Winnipeg, on the right in the center of the image, and Lake Winnipegosis (top) and Lake Manitoba (bottom), to the left.

Near the center right of the image, near the Manitoba/Ontario border is a cluster red dots, which signify the location of fires, likely wildfires. These fires have very visible plumes of smoke, some of which is drifting out over the Hudson Bay.

The top left portion of the image is also covered with a smoky haze. This smoke is likely from the great number of wildfires in western Canada, and the Pacific Northwest region of the US.

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