Hurricanes Helene and Gordon
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Hurricanes Helene and Gordon

September 26, 2006

This MODIS Aqua image shows Hurricans Gordon and Helene on September 15, 2006. Both Atlantic storms, they were formed in quick succession in mid-September, both reaching Category Three strength within a few days of each other. A high pressure ridgeline over the U.S. east coast kept the storms away from coatal mainland.

As of September 19, it appeared that Gordon would continue to pull away to the north and east without passing near Bermuda, and early concerns that Helene might strike the island have been revised, and this powerful hurricane is also expected to arc away to the north well away from the island.

In this image, Gordon is the northern storm, with Helene south of it. Gordon has a well-developed spiral, with a cloud-filled eye.

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