Clouds Along the Pacific Coast
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Clouds Along the Pacific Coast

October 11, 2006

This image acquired by the MODIS on the Aqua satellite on September 29, 2006, shows the Pacific Coast of the United States. The cloud formations over the Pacific Ocean are interesting, and there are several fires in the region, which are represented with red dots. The clusters of red dots in northern California represent the Uncle (top) and Bar (bottom) Complex Fires, which can also be seen in this October 1, 2006 image.

The black lines denote country and state borders. At the top of the image is the Candian province of British Columbia, with Vancouver Island on the Pacific Coast. South of Canada is Washington state, and south of Washington, is Oregon.

Washington and Oregon are interesting as they are divided nearly in half by the Cascade Mountains. The western halves of the states are very green, and contain rainforests - but the eastern portions are flat semi-deserts.

South of Oregon is California. California shares an eastern border with Nevada. On this image, you can see Lake Tahoe, which sits right on the border between the two states, where the border angles towards the east. North East of Lake Tahoe is Pyramid Lake in Nevada.

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