Northeastern China
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Northeastern China

October 14, 2006

This MODIS Terra image of northeastern China and the surrounding region, was captured October 5, 2006. The black lines show country borders. This northeastern part of China is bordered on the north and east by Russia, and on the west by Mongolia. The red dots on the image show active fires. You can see small plumes of smoke rising from some of the fires.

With the relatively cloud-free view, the varied topography of the region is easily visible. Much of the most northeastern Chinese province, Heilongjiang, is dominated by mountains ranges like the Greater and Lesser Khingan Ranges, the Zhangguangcai Mountains, the Laoye Mountains, and the Wanda Mountains. The Greater Khingan Range contains China's largest remaining virgin forest. The interior of this province is low and flat, with several rivers. The climate in this region is sub-arctic!

On the border of Heilongjiang and Russia is a lake with a nature preserve around it; in Russian it is called Khanka Lake, and in Chinese, Xingkai Lake.

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