Fires on Cape Barren Island
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Fires on Cape Barren Island

October 20, 2006

This MODIS Terra image from October 13, 2006, shows bush fires burning on Cape Barren Island, located off the north-east coast of Tasmania, Australia. The cluster of red dots show where the fire is located, though the large smoke plume is also very obvious.

Cape Barren Island was not the only site of a fire in the region. Scorching heat and high winds sparked bushfires across south eastern Australia, including Tasmania and its associated islands.

Cape Barren Island is one of the islands in the Furneaux Group in the Bass Strait - the population of the island is only around 80 persons! North of Cape Barren Island is the larger Flinders Island - and the smaller Clarke Island is just to the south. The island of Tasmania is the larger land mass at the bottom left of the image.

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