Diones Creeping Canyons
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Dione's Creeping Canyons

October 26, 2006

Bright fractures creep across the surface of icy Dione. This extensive canyon system is centered on a region of terrain that is significantly darker than the rest of the moon. Part of the darker terrain is visible at right.

Lit terrain in this view is on the Saturn-facing hemisphere of Dione (1,126 kilometers, or 700 miles across). North is up and rotated eight degrees to the left.

The image was taken in visible light with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on Sept. 25, 2006 at a distance of approximately 677,000 kilometers (421,000 miles) from Dione and at a Sun-Dione-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 62 degrees. Image scale is 4 kilometers (2 miles) per pixel.

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