HiRISE Images Mars Pathfinder Site
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HiRISE Images Mars Pathfinder Site

February 7, 2007
Pathfinder landed on Mars on July 4, 1997 and continued operating until September 27 of that year. The landing site is on an ancient flood plain of the Ares and Tiu outflow channels. The image provides unprecedented detail of the geology of the region and hardware on the surface. This release consists of six parts.

This version of the Gallery Pan, taken with the IMP camera during the Pathfinder mission, shows many of the “end of sol” locations for Sojourner, including the last know position (i.e., there was only one Sojourner rover). Annotations show the locations of rocks and other features that can be identified in the HiRISE overhead view. The proposed current location of the Sojourner Rover is indicated. Comparing the ground view with the HiRISE image, one can identify a feature at this location that is about the right size for Sojourner and that wasn't present when the Gallery Panorama was taken.

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