Stereo Anaglyphs of Ada Crater
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Stereo Anaglyphs of Ada Crater

February 7, 2007
Ada Crater is a fresh (recently-formed) impact crater formed close to the southern edge of Meridiani Planum, far to the southeast of the Opportunity rover.

Shown here are two red-blue color anaglyphs in which you can view the topography with red-blue glasses (blue filter over your right eye). The first one covers the crater and shows a relatively large area but with 3x reduction of spatial scale (75 cm/pixel). The crater looks extremely deep, but that impression is greatly exaggerated! We acquire stereo pairs with separation angles much greater than that of our own eyes, in order to extract for accurate measurements.

But the effect on color anaglyphs is to exaggerate the relief, which can be vertigo-inducing over steep terrain.

(We previously released image PSP_1348_1770, but acquired a later image (PSP_1678_1770) over this same area but from a different viewing angle to provide stereo coverage.)

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