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June 25, 2007

This image, captured June 5, 2007 by the MODIS on the Aqua satellite, shows the entire land-locked country of Bolivia in South America, a country of remarkable extremes. On the west side of the picture (left) are the Andes Mountains, the second highest mountain range in the world.

In the center of the Andes is an extremely high plateau called the Altiplano; Lake Titicaca is here, on the border of Peru and Bolivia, near the edge of the image. This lake is the highest commercially navigable lake in the world at 12,507 ft above sea level. The large white area in the Altiplano is the Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flat. The large city just east of the Altiplano is La Paz, the capital of Bolivia.

Bolivia also sports some of the densest rain forests in the world near its border with Brazil and Peru, and some of the driest places on Earth on the far western edge of the Andes slopes near the Atacama desert. The red dots indicate fires and are most likely agricultural in origin. Black lines denote country borders.

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