Gullies and Craters on the Floor of Newton Basin
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Gullies and Craters on the Floor of Newton Basin PSP_002620_1410

July 15, 2007
This image shows a portion of two impact craters on the floor of Newton Basin where a smaller crater formed within a earlier larger one. The larger crater's north rim can be seen diagonally (southwest-northeast) across the image and the smaller crater's north rim is near the bottom of the image.

Along the interior wall of the larger crater, several gullies have incised into the wall of the crater. The gullies start near the top of the wall and can be traced across a break in slope partway down the wall (see subimage). This break in slope occurs along the entire portion of the crater wall in this image. The gullies appear shallower just above the break in slope, and deeper below the slope break. This suggests that the fluid which eroded and carved out the wall materials forming the gullies, increased in velocity after the slope break, creating a deeper section of the gully.

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