Madrid Spain
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Madrid, Spain

November 7, 2003
An historic capital city, Madrid, Spain, is world renowned for its unique charm and its exhilarating cultural life. Museums, art galleries, palaces, and botanical gardens are at the heart of the city, pictured here in this Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) image from July 5, 2000. The image has been enhanced using a false-color technique that includes some of ASTER’s observations in the shortwave infrared as well as the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. In the infrared, vegetation reflects a lot of energy. If image creators put those observations into the red channel of a digital image, vegetated areas appear bright red. In this scene, the gardens surrounding Palacio de Velázquez and Palacio de Cristal make a distinct red rectangle in image center, and embedded within it is a dark pool located in the Parque de El Retiro. Surrounding the parks and gardens, red changes to light green, which is the color of buildings and paved street

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