The 2001 Great Dust Storms - HellasSyrtis Major
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The 2001 Great Dust Storms - Hellas/Syrtis Major

March 19, 2003
On June 21, an otherwiseundistinguished small dust storm surged into the basin from the southwest.When viewed 24 hours later, the storm had circulated clockwise about 1/3of the circumference of Hellas, indicating relatively high winds. For thenext three days, this storm brewed north of Hellas and east towards Hesperia,but didn't cross the equator. Then, sometime between 2 PM local Mars timeon June 25 and 2 PM local Mars time on June 26, the storm exploded northacross the equator, and in less than 24 hours thereafter, dust was beingraised from separate locations in Arabia, Nilosyrtis, and Hesperia, thousandsof kilometers away from Hellas.

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