Tropical Cyclone Adeline-Juliet
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Tropical Cyclone Adeline-Juliet

November 18, 2007
Cyclone Adeline-Juliet was moving west through the Indian Ocean on April 6, 2005, when the Aqua MODIS instrument acquired this image at 04:00 UTC, near the height of the storm. At that time, Adeline-Juliet had winds of 115 knots (132 mph) with gusts to 139 knots (1 knot = 1.15 mph), and was producing ocean waves that reached up to 14 meters (or 45 feet) high. Ranked at Category 4, Adeline-Juliet was an extremely powerful storm, and remained in this category until early on April 10th. But just two days later, the storm had spent much of its energy, and was downgraded to tropical storm status with winds at 50 knots or less. Adeline-Juliet is not expected to affect any landmass.

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